Officials protecting our Democracy …

As chaos continues to consume the Trump adminstration it seems some officials have taken it upon themselves to keep Trump out of the loop on something’s because he continues to leak classified information to the public and those who aren’t authorized to handle important information. Even likely leaking Intel to foreign enemies of the state.Continue reading “Officials protecting our Democracy …”

A Trump dynasty?

Well, today I heard the round about way on social media that someone in Trump’s campaign, which might have been the manager said the Trump family was building a dynasty that would last for years to come? (Ha, near choked on my tea over that this morning) I have personally never seen such a blundering,Continue reading “A Trump dynasty?”

What has been revealed in the United States since Trump’s election…

I start off saying much of what has been seen now in the society and government of the United States has been going on for years. I just point out most of it was done underneath the tables and now it is done so bluntly anyone can see it who looks. Trump in a wayContinue reading “What has been revealed in the United States since Trump’s election…”

20 reasons to dump Trump in 2020!

So Trump’s support is down like to 36% though it also depends what polls you want to believe. He is also sinking in polls around states he actually won in 2016. Some Republicans are bailing out like a rats off a sinking ship and aren’t seeking reelection in 2020. Though here is my list ofContinue reading “20 reasons to dump Trump in 2020!”

Climate Change

In all seriousness besides a ridiculous corrupt president that is occupying the White House in one of the most powerful nations in the world. We have major changes to make in this country and many around the world. Fossil fuels and deforestation are the two topics I shall cover today in today’s ‘Climate Change ‘Continue reading “Climate Change”