A Trump dynasty?

Well, today I heard the round about way on social media that someone in Trump’s campaign, which might have been the manager said the Trump family was building a dynasty that would last for years to come? (Ha, near choked on my tea over that this morning) I have personally never seen such a blundering,Continue reading “A Trump dynasty?”

What has been revealed in the United States since Trump’s election…

I start off saying much of what has been seen now in the society and government of the United States has been going on for years. I just point out most of it was done underneath the tables and now it is done so bluntly anyone can see it who looks. Trump in a wayContinue reading “What has been revealed in the United States since Trump’s election…”

20 reasons to dump Trump in 2020!

So Trump’s support is down like to 36% though it also depends what polls you want to believe. He is also sinking in polls around states he actually won in 2016. Some Republicans are bailing out like a rats off a sinking ship and aren’t seeking reelection in 2020. Though here is my list ofContinue reading “20 reasons to dump Trump in 2020!”