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In a world filled with uncertainty and fear, the best forms of expression come in art. I created Political Asylum for expression and enlightenment. Here I shall cover topics that hit the headlines and other topics that don’t. Majority of the population are in the same boat in this country, I am just one voice among an ocean of many. Though I enjoy talking about my opinions and views on a range of subjects that all link up to politics. So are we in a institutional asylum or a safe haven of politics? You decide; I’m just here to express and point things out.

So what things mean the most to you in this ever evolving world of politics? I know several topics that mean the most to me. That starts with environment, healthcare, gun reform, economy, racism, sexism, discrimination and the well being of a nation as a whole. In this time of chaos and an unsteady government the worse thing to do is to divide, the best is to unite. So what side do you stand on? The United States is not just a country, it is a community, a melting pot of cultures; it was founded on dreams and hopes for a better future for generations to come. Though now that vision is being snuffed out by the darkness of the corruption in this society. It is up to the people of the nation to decide which way the tide will turn or it will sink beneath it’s own weight and destroy itself.

Thank you for joining me on this platform; I hope to build a small community here of discussions and solutions to all the challenges of our current generation. Best wishes and safe travels.


The subpoenas are flying!

So the impeachment inquiry is officially open. There have been several subpoenas served to a few people. One being secretary of state, one of Trump’s lawyers Rudy Giuliani,Defense Department and the Office of Management ….it keeps going and likely will continue in next couple of weeks. The fur and papers are flying! Trump is doing his typical ranting, screaming everyone investigating him is a traitor…..we all know who the traitors are!

The world keeps turning as the drama keeps popping like popcorn in the White House! Someone scrub Trump’s mouth out with soap, it is going to be a bumpy ride as the US house of representatives are finally on the move doing something useful….two years later… Anyway!

If they do not appear (the ones who received subpoenas) the iron balls will be slamming this time! The house of representatives have their teeth out for blood! On another note Trump lost his fight in the courts in NYC over his taxes. Trump is going to be buried deep in his own garbage pile of lies. Now if you don’t recall the whole impeach inquiry is involving Trump asking Ukraine, and other countries to dig up dirt on the Biden family.

That is flat out direct proof of election interference! Period! No escaping that book being thrown now. His impeachment is near signed , sealed and delivered! If the Senate doesn’t throw him out permanently after all this waist deep pile of swamp filled manure, there won’t be a republican one left in either house or Senate next election cycle. Thanks for reading a piece of my thoughts!

Until next time – Kay

Possible Impeachment?

So house speaker Pelosi, has announced an official impeachment inquiry! The house needs majority vote to impeach Trump. If the house has a successful vote and he is impeached then there is a trial in the Senate about removing Trump from office.

Though democrats do hold majority in the house they still need several democrats to agree to impeachment for a successful vote on impeachment. The house is currently doing heavier investigation into impeachable offenses that the president has possibly done. There was a whistle blower complaint against Trump a couple days ago, making the complaint that Trump was in contact with Ukrainian President on a phone call. What was so important about said phone call? Well, Trump was trying to convince a foreign government to once again to meddle in our elections, this time Trump asking for an investigation and information on a son of a Democrat front runner in the future presidential election, which is the deceased son of Joe Biden.

This is highly concerning which gave the final push for the house to announce impeachment proceedings. Will it actually happen ? No one knows and won’t know for a while. The house has to gather evidence, call witnesses, likely throw several subpoenas out to get everything they need to finally vote and then possibly move it to the Senate.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on this situation unless large amounts of pressure are applied to the congress, especially the Senate that is Republican ruled majority. Even if Trump is impeached by the house, that doesn’t mean the Senate will go along with said impeachment to actually remove Trump from the White House permanently. I plan to go into more detail tomorrow on how impeachment works. Thanks for reading a piece of my mind. I will update soon.


Brett Kavanaugh: Newest allegation..

From the start there was always suspicion surrounding the now Supreme Court judge. I always believed the allegations were correct and the congress was simply a kangaroo court who pushed through a nominee that would benefit the agenda of the current president and administration. Now a new victim has come forward according to NYT though the newspaper organization is now facing criticism as many doubt the newest story that is leaning to pile onto the already mile high stack of finger pointing surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The NYT times has already done retractions from the original story. The house of representatives is already juggling a impeachment inquiry for President Trump, and now many are calling for a impeachment inquiry for Kavanaugh.

He should have never been appointed to the Supreme Court without a thorough investigation by the FBI and the congressional hearing was very one sided considering the rushed circumstances and limited evidence given and likely much evidence not even consider at the time. The whole thing was biased, quickly rushed through and voted on without much consideration for the victim who had to take the abuse and have the courage to come forward in the first place. Though a couple members of the representatives have done stated a inquiry will likely not be introduced until October after they are well into the inquiry of the president.

Even members of the Senate are now calling for a inquiry against the judge though only time will tell if this will precede into something more serious into congress or will be swept under the rug again as Brett Kavanaugh continues to reign in the highest court in the land. No one knows the full story yet about Brett Kavanaugh’s lastest allegation since it seems the NYTs released the story and is now changing it. It seems to me the FBI should be put back on the case and do their job this time around to make sure things are set to rights. Thanks for reading a piece of my mind.


Officials protecting our Democracy …

As chaos continues to consume the Trump adminstration it seems some officials have taken it upon themselves to keep Trump out of the loop on something’s because he continues to leak classified information to the public and those who aren’t authorized to handle important information. Even likely leaking Intel to foreign enemies of the state.

It has also been noted how Trump has wasted resources and man hours of departments trying to keep up with Trump and his constant blunders at the helm. Some officials even going as far to help cover Trump and his foolish actions and behaviors. Well I do think officials should be protecting us the American people, not a unfit,racist, unethical,bigot who has no respect for anyone or thing but himself.

Their jobs as government officials should have the protection of the country and the citizens in mind every day as they go to work. Not worried about a supposed man who is in no way fit to be in the oval office. Trump is not skilled in any manner of diplomacy or political skills needed for a decent leader. Officials should have cut Trump off to all Intel discussions and documents as soon as he showed he was a unfit president.

So if they are fed up with playing go-for and helping cover Trump’s tracks then why don’t they do their jobs and help protect this country as decent American patriots. Well thanks for reading a piece of my mind. What would you do if you were a government official around Trump?

A Trump dynasty?

Well, today I heard the round about way on social media that someone in Trump’s campaign, which might have been the manager said the Trump family was building a dynasty that would last for years to come? (Ha, near choked on my tea over that this morning) I have personally never seen such a blundering, foul mouth, hypocrite at the head of a country, and head of a family, which to my opinion is such a crooked snake that you can’t tell the difference from the bottom from the top. The only thing I see Trump building is a new path for criminals to get into the white house and new avenues for mobsters to get away with things.

A new dynasty? I’d prefer to say a new level of crime waves and the rise of a mob family again if nothing is done about the series of events that have taken place around Trump and because of Trump. The only number I want to see our lovely president wear next is his prison number, hopefully it does have a 45 in it. You never know. I honestly do not see how anyone who supports Trump these days even sleeps at night, when Trump has proven over and over again on national television, and on social media what type of person he is, and things he has incited with his racism and constant rhetorical jabber that gives me a headache anytime I hear his voice.

Though as for a ‘dynasty’ what are we in the dictatorship of China? You don’t use that kind of word around a presidency because it can be seriously taken the wrong way. Trump is nothing but a figure head, well paid off by his wealthy campaign donors and has never known the word decency in his entire life. The only dynasty related sentence I want to hear or see about the Trump family is: ‘One of the most criminalized families to ever be around the White House’.

Well that is my two cents for the day, what do you think of using the word ‘dynasty’ around a family in the white house? Thanks for reading a piece of my mind.


What has been revealed in the United States since Trump’s election…

I start off saying much of what has been seen now in the society and government of the United States has been going on for years. I just point out most of it was done underneath the tables and now it is done so bluntly anyone can see it who looks. Trump in a way has done this country a favor by revealing all the work that needs to be done to make this country a more fair country. Racism is sky high and it might have been less obvious before Trump, it was always there. Deportations of minorities that has gone on for years now, people in cages in the United States is nothing new back during WW2 we had Japanese Americans locked away in camps on our soil. Possible money laundering schemes, sex trafficking schemes, lobbied and paid off politicians has been part of the very fabric of this country for generations. It has just been brought front and center attention now for everything to be seen by anyone who dares to bother looking.

The United States has a major corruption problem, capitalism is obviously not working out when the laws all lean toward favoring the wealthy over the whole majority of people. The whole government needs a overhaul and dark money and religion all need to be taken out of politics. Lobbyist should be non-existent, new laws need to be put in place to protect the lower class citizens, the rich need to be taxed no one in their right mind needs a billion dollars. The rich have literally got richer and the poor poorer as the old saying goes. This government has been leaning badly toward the benefits of the wealthy because they are the ones with the influence to bribe politicians and create the corruption. The United States can no longer be a capitalist society, things have to change to better benefit the working class and less for the wealthy classes.

Healthcare has been a problem for a long time in the United States and over last twenty years it just got far worse for everyone except those who could afford it. The United States is a vast and prosperous country and it could work for all citizens equally if the people can get the government to actually work for them, the way the system was designed to be. Though over the years so many loop holes and laws have been shifted it no longer works. This election is highly important for the survival of the United States and if the population is not willing to stand up and fight for their future, the country is doomed and so is the term democracy and freedom. If the United States falls it not only condemns this country but any around the world who is fighting for a better future and more freedoms. The United States is a beacon for many things and prosperity and freedoms are major points to this society that makes it what it is. Thanks for reading a piece of my mind hope you enjoy my writings.


Prediction of Sanders, Warren, Biden being the last one’s standing..

So the democratic campaigns are in full swing for the action in 2020. If you are below 10% at this point in polls for popularity chances are you aren’t going to move up any time soon. In my personal opinion ones like O’Rourke who are in a position to to possibly run for a house or senate seat should drop out and do something productive to further help the progressives in 2020 to help take and hold the house and senate. At the moment the three candidates holding the most momentum in this election cycle for democratic nominee are supposedly in this order being Joe Biden who is a old establishment candidate who has a record of voting against the people a mile deep. Bernie Sanders who has forever stuck to his same policies and rarely has adjusted his views on how the United States should be more fair for everyone.

Third place is a female candidate known as Elizabeth Warren who was a republican for years before swinging to be a democrat, she also has changed her views in the last couple years to be more liberal and has been agreeing more with Bernie Sanders on many platforms. Though to be a spoil sport I will tell you that Warren is taking big money from big donors and Bernie Sanders is not, so between those three you know who isn’t owned by the establishment. Biden is more popular among older generations while Sanders is rallying the younger generations. Biden also continues to also keep putting his foot in his mouth and has been caught multiple times saying the wrong places or making claims he was still vice president when certain shootings happen; can find all that in searching the news I’m just a opinion blogger.

So on to why I say that these three will be last one’s standing and who I also think will be the ones holding the nomination when the dust settles. These three candidates have the most experience out of the group of democrats still standing for the 3rd debate stage. I also say Biden’s lead will falter greatly between now and primaries because of his record and how he keeps showing signs of not being all their mentally. Warren is basically a turn coat who changes clothes just to suit the situations going on in the time of society. In 2016 she wasn’t backing progressive ideas as much as she is now. I also go to the point of even though I dislike it, it is highly screwed up point in our society many men will not a woman into office. I’d say up into the area of 20-25% of men won’t vote a woman into the white house. Bernie Sanders has had several rumors about him buzz about and many people don’t like him because he is highly ‘ radical ‘ and has outlandish ideas for the future of the United States.

Now onto who I think will be the nominee once all votes are cast! It is a toss up between Sanders and Warren. Though I also point out who ever does hold the nomination will likely offer the other the chance to be vice president which Sanders will never take, he wants the whole enchilada. Though I also think Warren might look at the polls last minute especially if Biden is still in and drop out and give her support to Sanders; that is another possibility. Though my final pick for nomination is actually Sanders being nomination, and not out of favortism to a particular candidate. I am looking at he is the one with biggest crowd sizes, the most small grassroots donations, the one who gets shamed by the media the most, and also the one who is best polled to beat Trump, if Trump makes it that far. He is the underdog and was never part of the establishment. Now if he is to get the presidency remains to be seen because republicans do a lot of dirty tricks to win at all costs. The future is at the hands of the people who decide to get up and vote and how much they love their country.

20 reasons to dump Trump in 2020!

So Trump’s support is down like to 36% though it also depends what polls you want to believe. He is also sinking in polls around states he actually won in 2016. Some Republicans are bailing out like a rats off a sinking ship and aren’t seeking reelection in 2020. Though here is my list of logical reasons of why Democrats (and some Republicans ) should get off their butts and get to voting booths in primaries & the main elections.

  1. He is driving the economy into the ground with his ‘ easy to win ‘ tariff war with China. Some prices in stores have gone up as much as 30%
  2. He is also killing farmers with his tariff war games and will soon cause them to go bankrupt.
  3. His constant racist, discriminating, degrading jabbering has caused gun violence to spike to a record for mass shootings.
  4. He is blowing millions in tax payers money on flying back and forth to go golfing.
  5. He gave more tax breaks to the wealthy .
  6. Those tax breaks increased the deficit of the country.
  7. He borrowed money from the Pentagon and Fema organization to help build his wall on the boarder.
  8. He likes putting children in cages like animals, how would you like it if it was you or your kid?
  9. He just basically put restrictions on how the military over seas can have children.
  10. Our tourism is drastically down since he got into office because our country is literally on the list of most dangerous countries.
  11. He can’t even get the names of cities where mass shootings happened correct.
  12. He calls climate change a hoax when the rainforest is burning down and the arctic is melting as a incredible rate which will flood coastal areas.
  13. He is causing rifts between our allies.
  14. He is breaking treaties
  15. He holds closed to the media meetings with dictators.
  16. He didn’t even know that a category five hurricane could exist, which he was playing golf while it made landfall.
  17. His donors to his campaign are 90% billionaires.
  18. He has been accused by multiple women for rape allegations.
  19. He has been known to bankrupt about any business he has ever touched.
  20. Jobs and stores have been closing since he got in office hundreds of them across the country just Google store closings.

Well that is my 20 reasons on why you shouldn’t vote for Trump. I’m sure I could come up with 20 more though, I figured that was a good start. Thanks for reading a piece of my mind.


Climate Change

My crayon doodle.

In all seriousness besides a ridiculous corrupt president that is occupying the White House in one of the most powerful nations in the world. We have major changes to make in this country and many around the world. Fossil fuels and deforestation are the two topics I shall cover today in today’s ‘Climate Change ‘ segment. I’m going to start by giving you a few fun facts about fossil fuels. You can google any of these discussions and find reliable sources to back them up I’ve spent the last decade looking into a ton of things. Billions are made every year by fossil fuel companies, especially oil companies and natural gas companies; which are often one in the same. they spend plenty of time lobbying in D.C to keep laws in their favor. According to (forbes.com ) They spend (oil companies) an average of 200 million on men and women in congress to keep laws loose so they can keep doing their destructive deeds to the environment.
Well before anyone starts screaming about the jobs this industry provides you can create the same jobs if not more if you boom and invest money into solar, and wind projects and those working in the fossil fuel industries can be retrained and placed in areas that make the same pay. Another little fun fact is that they get subsidies from government and deferred payments meaning they get out of a lot of taxes every year. Go to (investipedia.com) for more info on that little story. My next little fun fact is about fracking. Fracking is literally when they drill deep into the earth’s crust to pressure rocks to get more gas to release, though at the same time while getting the gas out they are pumping millions of gallons of water, chemicals, and sand into the rocks at the same time.

That water is then useless and never returns to the surface, that fresh water is gone, non existent. They often take the polluted water and pump it deep into caverns in the earth that they already pulled fossil fuels from. There is a danger that the polluted water can sometimes mix into the fresh water tables and make the water table undrinkable which in turn makes fresh water even more rare. Though off of the subject of fossil fuels lets get onto deforestation, especially about the Rain Forest in South America which supplies 20% of the oxygen world wide. It is currently burning at a new rate, and many of the fires are set on purpose, why? Greed, loggers want the wood and some woods are worth a lot of money being rare. Farmers then want to expand on the then logged land which displaces dozens of species every year of animals. Saving and planting trees was actually scientists biggest advice to help slow down climate change; because of the benefits the trees provide. Even on the mainland United States there has been a lot of deforestation, even though it has slowed over the years it is still a major concern.

Well I can hear the complaints already need paper, need wood for housing, well actually no. Something that was just legalized again over the past year can actually help prevent deforestation and save trees. It is called hemp, it was outlawed in early 20th century because hemp has dozen of uses from making rope, paper, clothes, and yes even wood, it is lighter and stronger than wood and in turn a stronger structure and conserving wood more.

To conclude I am all for saving the environment as all of humanity should be because without breathable air, clean water, and access to grow food you can’t survive, no generation can without the basic needs being met. I am also bringing this up as a political concern because it is , the next administration in the United States better take this serious or there will be irreversible consequences that we can not change. Mother nature has a delicate balanced system, and throwing that system out of whack only leads to trouble for all species and we as humans must change our ways for the survival of all creatures not just ourselves. We must learn to live with nature and not destroy it for greed. If you have children, grandchildren or at some point want a child think of what you are leaving them to handle every time you think of the environment. Those are the words I leave with you today, thanks for reading a piece of my mind, and more to come about this subject and others in the future.