The subpoenas are flying!

So the impeachment inquiry is officially open. There have been several subpoenas served to a few people. One being secretary of state, one of Trump’s lawyers Rudy Giuliani,Defense Department and the Office of Management ….it keeps going and likely will continue in next couple of weeks. The fur and papers are flying! Trump is doing his typical ranting, screaming everyone investigating him is a traitor…..we all know who the traitors are!

The world keeps turning as the drama keeps popping like popcorn in the White House! Someone scrub Trump’s mouth out with soap, it is going to be a bumpy ride as the US house of representatives are finally on the move doing something useful….two years later… Anyway!

If they do not appear (the ones who received subpoenas) the iron balls will be slamming this time! The house of representatives have their teeth out for blood! On another note Trump lost his fight in the courts in NYC over his taxes. Trump is going to be buried deep in his own garbage pile of lies. Now if you don’t recall the whole impeach inquiry is involving Trump asking Ukraine, and other countries to dig up dirt on the Biden family.

That is flat out direct proof of election interference! Period! No escaping that book being thrown now. His impeachment is near signed , sealed and delivered! If the Senate doesn’t throw him out permanently after all this waist deep pile of swamp filled manure, there won’t be a republican one left in either house or Senate next election cycle. Thanks for reading a piece of my thoughts!

Until next time – Kay

Published by kayfayeartist

I'm a writer, painter, a photographer , musician and many other things. I have a associates degree and have been writing for over 15 years . Politics has been a major opinion of mine over the last decade as the political system in the states has become more and more unstable.

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