Possible Impeachment?

So house speaker Pelosi, has announced an official impeachment inquiry! The house needs majority vote to impeach Trump. If the house has a successful vote and he is impeached then there is a trial in the Senate about removing Trump from office.

Though democrats do hold majority in the house they still need several democrats to agree to impeachment for a successful vote on impeachment. The house is currently doing heavier investigation into impeachable offenses that the president has possibly done. There was a whistle blower complaint against Trump a couple days ago, making the complaint that Trump was in contact with Ukrainian President on a phone call. What was so important about said phone call? Well, Trump was trying to convince a foreign government to once again to meddle in our elections, this time Trump asking for an investigation and information on a son of a Democrat front runner in the future presidential election, which is the deceased son of Joe Biden.

This is highly concerning which gave the final push for the house to announce impeachment proceedings. Will it actually happen ? No one knows and won’t know for a while. The house has to gather evidence, call witnesses, likely throw several subpoenas out to get everything they need to finally vote and then possibly move it to the Senate.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on this situation unless large amounts of pressure are applied to the congress, especially the Senate that is Republican ruled majority. Even if Trump is impeached by the house, that doesn’t mean the Senate will go along with said impeachment to actually remove Trump from the White House permanently. I plan to go into more detail tomorrow on how impeachment works. Thanks for reading a piece of my mind. I will update soon.


Published by kayfayeartist

I'm a writer, painter, a photographer , musician and many other things. I have a associates degree and have been writing for over 15 years . Politics has been a major opinion of mine over the last decade as the political system in the states has become more and more unstable.

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