Brett Kavanaugh: Newest allegation..

From the start there was always suspicion surrounding the now Supreme Court judge. I always believed the allegations were correct and the congress was simply a kangaroo court who pushed through a nominee that would benefit the agenda of the current president and administration. Now a new victim has come forward according to NYT though the newspaper organization is now facing criticism as many doubt the newest story that is leaning to pile onto the already mile high stack of finger pointing surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The NYT times has already done retractions from the original story. The house of representatives is already juggling a impeachment inquiry for President Trump, and now many are calling for a impeachment inquiry for Kavanaugh.

He should have never been appointed to the Supreme Court without a thorough investigation by the FBI and the congressional hearing was very one sided considering the rushed circumstances and limited evidence given and likely much evidence not even consider at the time. The whole thing was biased, quickly rushed through and voted on without much consideration for the victim who had to take the abuse and have the courage to come forward in the first place. Though a couple members of the representatives have done stated a inquiry will likely not be introduced until October after they are well into the inquiry of the president.

Even members of the Senate are now calling for a inquiry against the judge though only time will tell if this will precede into something more serious into congress or will be swept under the rug again as Brett Kavanaugh continues to reign in the highest court in the land. No one knows the full story yet about Brett Kavanaugh’s lastest allegation since it seems the NYTs released the story and is now changing it. It seems to me the FBI should be put back on the case and do their job this time around to make sure things are set to rights. Thanks for reading a piece of my mind.


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I'm a writer, painter, a photographer , musician and many other things. I have a associates degree and have been writing for over 15 years . Politics has been a major opinion of mine over the last decade as the political system in the states has become more and more unstable.

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