Officials protecting our Democracy …

As chaos continues to consume the Trump adminstration it seems some officials have taken it upon themselves to keep Trump out of the loop on something’s because he continues to leak classified information to the public and those who aren’t authorized to handle important information. Even likely leaking Intel to foreign enemies of the state.

It has also been noted how Trump has wasted resources and man hours of departments trying to keep up with Trump and his constant blunders at the helm. Some officials even going as far to help cover Trump and his foolish actions and behaviors. Well I do think officials should be protecting us the American people, not a unfit,racist, unethical,bigot who has no respect for anyone or thing but himself.

Their jobs as government officials should have the protection of the country and the citizens in mind every day as they go to work. Not worried about a supposed man who is in no way fit to be in the oval office. Trump is not skilled in any manner of diplomacy or political skills needed for a decent leader. Officials should have cut Trump off to all Intel discussions and documents as soon as he showed he was a unfit president.

So if they are fed up with playing go-for and helping cover Trump’s tracks then why don’t they do their jobs and help protect this country as decent American patriots. Well thanks for reading a piece of my mind. What would you do if you were a government official around Trump?

Published by kayfayeartist

I'm a writer, painter, a photographer , musician and many other things. I have a associates degree and have been writing for over 15 years . Politics has been a major opinion of mine over the last decade as the political system in the states has become more and more unstable.

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