Prediction of Sanders, Warren, Biden being the last one’s standing..

So the democratic campaigns are in full swing for the action in 2020. If you are below 10% at this point in polls for popularity chances are you aren’t going to move up any time soon. In my personal opinion ones like O’Rourke who are in a position to to possibly run for a house or senate seat should drop out and do something productive to further help the progressives in 2020 to help take and hold the house and senate. At the moment the three candidates holding the most momentum in this election cycle for democratic nominee are supposedly in this order being Joe Biden who is a old establishment candidate who has a record of voting against the people a mile deep. Bernie Sanders who has forever stuck to his same policies and rarely has adjusted his views on how the United States should be more fair for everyone.

Third place is a female candidate known as Elizabeth Warren who was a republican for years before swinging to be a democrat, she also has changed her views in the last couple years to be more liberal and has been agreeing more with Bernie Sanders on many platforms. Though to be a spoil sport I will tell you that Warren is taking big money from big donors and Bernie Sanders is not, so between those three you know who isn’t owned by the establishment. Biden is more popular among older generations while Sanders is rallying the younger generations. Biden also continues to also keep putting his foot in his mouth and has been caught multiple times saying the wrong places or making claims he was still vice president when certain shootings happen; can find all that in searching the news I’m just a opinion blogger.

So on to why I say that these three will be last one’s standing and who I also think will be the ones holding the nomination when the dust settles. These three candidates have the most experience out of the group of democrats still standing for the 3rd debate stage. I also say Biden’s lead will falter greatly between now and primaries because of his record and how he keeps showing signs of not being all their mentally. Warren is basically a turn coat who changes clothes just to suit the situations going on in the time of society. In 2016 she wasn’t backing progressive ideas as much as she is now. I also go to the point of even though I dislike it, it is highly screwed up point in our society many men will not a woman into office. I’d say up into the area of 20-25% of men won’t vote a woman into the white house. Bernie Sanders has had several rumors about him buzz about and many people don’t like him because he is highly ‘ radical ‘ and has outlandish ideas for the future of the United States.

Now onto who I think will be the nominee once all votes are cast! It is a toss up between Sanders and Warren. Though I also point out who ever does hold the nomination will likely offer the other the chance to be vice president which Sanders will never take, he wants the whole enchilada. Though I also think Warren might look at the polls last minute especially if Biden is still in and drop out and give her support to Sanders; that is another possibility. Though my final pick for nomination is actually Sanders being nomination, and not out of favortism to a particular candidate. I am looking at he is the one with biggest crowd sizes, the most small grassroots donations, the one who gets shamed by the media the most, and also the one who is best polled to beat Trump, if Trump makes it that far. He is the underdog and was never part of the establishment. Now if he is to get the presidency remains to be seen because republicans do a lot of dirty tricks to win at all costs. The future is at the hands of the people who decide to get up and vote and how much they love their country.

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I'm a writer, painter, a photographer , musician and many other things. I have a associates degree and have been writing for over 15 years . Politics has been a major opinion of mine over the last decade as the political system in the states has become more and more unstable.

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