Climate Change

My crayon doodle.

In all seriousness besides a ridiculous corrupt president that is occupying the White House in one of the most powerful nations in the world. We have major changes to make in this country and many around the world. Fossil fuels and deforestation are the two topics I shall cover today in today’s ‘Climate Change ‘ segment. I’m going to start by giving you a few fun facts about fossil fuels. You can google any of these discussions and find reliable sources to back them up I’ve spent the last decade looking into a ton of things. Billions are made every year by fossil fuel companies, especially oil companies and natural gas companies; which are often one in the same. they spend plenty of time lobbying in D.C to keep laws in their favor. According to ( ) They spend (oil companies) an average of 200 million on men and women in congress to keep laws loose so they can keep doing their destructive deeds to the environment.
Well before anyone starts screaming about the jobs this industry provides you can create the same jobs if not more if you boom and invest money into solar, and wind projects and those working in the fossil fuel industries can be retrained and placed in areas that make the same pay. Another little fun fact is that they get subsidies from government and deferred payments meaning they get out of a lot of taxes every year. Go to ( for more info on that little story. My next little fun fact is about fracking. Fracking is literally when they drill deep into the earth’s crust to pressure rocks to get more gas to release, though at the same time while getting the gas out they are pumping millions of gallons of water, chemicals, and sand into the rocks at the same time.

That water is then useless and never returns to the surface, that fresh water is gone, non existent. They often take the polluted water and pump it deep into caverns in the earth that they already pulled fossil fuels from. There is a danger that the polluted water can sometimes mix into the fresh water tables and make the water table undrinkable which in turn makes fresh water even more rare. Though off of the subject of fossil fuels lets get onto deforestation, especially about the Rain Forest in South America which supplies 20% of the oxygen world wide. It is currently burning at a new rate, and many of the fires are set on purpose, why? Greed, loggers want the wood and some woods are worth a lot of money being rare. Farmers then want to expand on the then logged land which displaces dozens of species every year of animals. Saving and planting trees was actually scientists biggest advice to help slow down climate change; because of the benefits the trees provide. Even on the mainland United States there has been a lot of deforestation, even though it has slowed over the years it is still a major concern.

Well I can hear the complaints already need paper, need wood for housing, well actually no. Something that was just legalized again over the past year can actually help prevent deforestation and save trees. It is called hemp, it was outlawed in early 20th century because hemp has dozen of uses from making rope, paper, clothes, and yes even wood, it is lighter and stronger than wood and in turn a stronger structure and conserving wood more.

To conclude I am all for saving the environment as all of humanity should be because without breathable air, clean water, and access to grow food you can’t survive, no generation can without the basic needs being met. I am also bringing this up as a political concern because it is , the next administration in the United States better take this serious or there will be irreversible consequences that we can not change. Mother nature has a delicate balanced system, and throwing that system out of whack only leads to trouble for all species and we as humans must change our ways for the survival of all creatures not just ourselves. We must learn to live with nature and not destroy it for greed. If you have children, grandchildren or at some point want a child think of what you are leaving them to handle every time you think of the environment. Those are the words I leave with you today, thanks for reading a piece of my mind, and more to come about this subject and others in the future.


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