20 reasons to dump Trump in 2020!

So Trump’s support is down like to 36% though it also depends what polls you want to believe. He is also sinking in polls around states he actually won in 2016. Some Republicans are bailing out like a rats off a sinking ship and aren’t seeking reelection in 2020. Though here is my list of logical reasons of why Democrats (and some Republicans ) should get off their butts and get to voting booths in primaries & the main elections.

  1. He is driving the economy into the ground with his ‘ easy to win ‘ tariff war with China. Some prices in stores have gone up as much as 30%
  2. He is also killing farmers with his tariff war games and will soon cause them to go bankrupt.
  3. His constant racist, discriminating, degrading jabbering has caused gun violence to spike to a record for mass shootings.
  4. He is blowing millions in tax payers money on flying back and forth to go golfing.
  5. He gave more tax breaks to the wealthy .
  6. Those tax breaks increased the deficit of the country.
  7. He borrowed money from the Pentagon and Fema organization to help build his wall on the boarder.
  8. He likes putting children in cages like animals, how would you like it if it was you or your kid?
  9. He just basically put restrictions on how the military over seas can have children.
  10. Our tourism is drastically down since he got into office because our country is literally on the list of most dangerous countries.
  11. He can’t even get the names of cities where mass shootings happened correct.
  12. He calls climate change a hoax when the rainforest is burning down and the arctic is melting as a incredible rate which will flood coastal areas.
  13. He is causing rifts between our allies.
  14. He is breaking treaties
  15. He holds closed to the media meetings with dictators.
  16. He didn’t even know that a category five hurricane could exist, which he was playing golf while it made landfall.
  17. His donors to his campaign are 90% billionaires.
  18. He has been accused by multiple women for rape allegations.
  19. He has been known to bankrupt about any business he has ever touched.
  20. Jobs and stores have been closing since he got in office hundreds of them across the country just Google store closings.

Well that is my 20 reasons on why you shouldn’t vote for Trump. I’m sure I could come up with 20 more though, I figured that was a good start. Thanks for reading a piece of my mind.


Published by kayfayeartist

I'm a writer, painter, a photographer , musician and many other things. I have a associates degree and have been writing for over 15 years . Politics has been a major opinion of mine over the last decade as the political system in the states has become more and more unstable.

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